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Tulip Darwin Hybrid 'Salmon Impression'
Tulip Darwin Hybrid 'Salmon Impression'

Tulip Darwin Hybrid 'Salmon Impression'


Salmon Impression is a tall, fragrant tulip with strong stems capable of withstanding the spring rains. Its blooms start off as a delightful apricot color but turn into a pale salmon pink as they grow larger. These Darwin Hybrids will produce giant egg-shaped blooms.

Darwin Hybrid's are the best and most popular class for landscape use
Produce giant, egg shaped blooms (up to 6” wide) on strong stems 
The premier landscape tulip for the South
Most tulips you see in parks and public spaces are Darwin Hybrid's


10 Bulbs, Size 12+cm


24 inches



4-6 inches


4-6 inches

Hardiness Zone




Bloom Time

Mid-Late Spring

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