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Hello and a warm welcome to Bloom Floral!

I'm Felicia, the heart and hands behind this enchanting cut flower farm nestled in the scenic river bottoms of Woodland, WA. As a devoted mother to nine children, with one working alongside me, and a friendly farm cat wandering our fields, my life is as vibrant and full as the gardens I tend.

My journey with flowers began in my childhood, growing up on a farm in South Dakota. There, amidst the fields and farm life, my fondest memory is eagerly awaiting the bloom of pink peonies each spring - a legacy passed down from my grandmother to my mother, and now to me.

I've always envisioned a life for my children deeply rooted in nature, where farm chores and outdoor adventures are part of their daily rhythm. Convincing them to dig dahlias at season's end might be a challenge, but I think they will look back on those times with fond memories when they are grown.

My inspiration springs from the untamed beauty of wildflowers and grasses, effortlessly adorning nature's landscapes. The structured yet whimsical charm of English Gardens, and the profound beauty captured in their photographs, also deeply influence my gardening style. Historical gardens like those at Mount Vernon and Monticello left a lasting impression on me in my younger years, fueling my passion further.

My aspiration is simple yet profound: to encourage people to "Grow More Flowers." Through gardening, one learns the art of being present and the virtue of patience, especially when awaiting those first blooms of spring. The therapeutic benefits of gardening, the peace found in routine care of plants, and the simple joys of soaking up the sun's nourishing rays, are experiences I wish for everyone to embrace.

I dream of transforming our farm into more than just a place to find fresh flowers. I envision it as a sanctuary for inspiration, learning, and perhaps one day, a charming venue for special events.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our journey at Bloom Floral. We hope to share the beauty and tranquility of our farm with you soon.

Warm regards,
Felicia Ek 


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