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Hi! I'm Felicia,

Welcome to Bloom Floral. I am the owner of a cut flower farm located in Woodland, WA. I am a mother of 9 children, one of which works for me full time, and a roaming farm cat. I grew up on a farm in South Dakota, and always loved growing flowers alongside my mom. My favorite garden memory on the SD farm is waiting for the beautiful pink peony blooms every spring from the peonies that my mom inherited from my grandmother.

For my kids, I have always wanted to have a lifestyle that will draw them outside, teach them to do farm chores, and love the outdoors. This is always a challenge and work in progress - the chores part is - they naturally love the outdoors! When it is time to dig dahlias at the end of the season, let's just say they don't always love it!

I am inspired by the wild blooms, plants and grasses growing in nature and along the roadside, they always look so beautiful and natural. I also love English Gardens and the photography of them, (they have some tricks up their sleeve that makes everything so moody and beautiful). When I was younger, I went to Mount Vernon and Monticello and loved the gardens there as well. 

My dream is to inspire people to Grow More Flowers and experience the beauty of blooms in their own yards and gardens. Growing flowers teaches your mind to be present in the moment, and also patience (always waiting for those spring blooms in winter will do that to you.)  There are so many mental health benefits from gardening and flowers that I really hope more people experience the benefits from getting outside, starting seeds, watching them turn into beautiful flowers, and the daily rituals of watering and weeding which can be so calming. It also gives a reason to be outside, we all need Vitamin D from the sun!

My hope and dream for our farm is that it could be an oasis for people to come out to enjoy fresh flowers, a place for people to be inspired, to learn, and to maybe one day be an event venue.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about us! Thanks for stopping by,

Felicia Ek


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