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Ranunculus Amandine Chamallow
Ranunculus Amandine Chamallow

Ranunculus Amandine Chamallow


Ranunculus are one of the most beautiful flowers, a truly a favorite flower of spring.  I am constantly amazed I am able to grow such gorgeous flowers. You can grow your own ranunculus and have the most amazing flowers to cut from to make your own bouquets. 


10 corms

Corm size: 5-6 cm, these are the largest corms and produce the biggest and most flowers per corm.


Sun: Full

Soil: Well drained and fertile enriched with natural organic fertilizer and good quality compost.

Height: 16-20 inches

Color: Pale blush pink

Hardiness: Zones 6-11, otherwise start late winter in colder zones.

Special Notes: Ranunculus do best if pre-sprouted, I suggest researching this method, there are many great YouTube videos showing this process.

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