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Ranunculus Amandine Pastel Pink
Ranunculus Amandine Pastel Pink

Ranunculus Amandine Pastel Pink


Ranunculus are one of the most beautiful flowers, a truly a favorite flower of spring.  I am constantly amazed I am able to grow such gorgeous flowers. You can grow your own ranunculus and have the most amazing flowers to cut from to make your own bouquets. Each corm produces at least 5-6 flowers, if you keep cutting them, they will continue to bloom for about 4-6 weeks. We sell the largest corm size so you can enjoy the biggest, most beautiful blooms from your garden.


10 corms

Corm size: 5-6 cm, these are the largest corms and produce the biggest and most flowers per corm.

Fall Planted in Zones 6-11, protection with hoops and frost cloth or plastic may be recommended, you will have to do a little research to see how others grow in your area. In colder zones, they are planted in late winter. Again, research how others grow these beautiful flowers in your area.


Sun: Full

Soil: Well drained and fertile enriched with natural organic fertilizer and good quality compost.

Height: 16-20 inches

Color: warm pastel pink

Hardiness: Zones 6-11, otherwise start late winter in colder zones.

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