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Gerrie Hoek
Gerrie Hoek
Gerrie Hoek
Gerrie Hoek

Gerrie Hoek


Product Description

Dahlia ‘Gerrie Hoek ’

I fell in love with this flower the first year I started growing, the soft pink flowers have a lovely shape and are perfect for arranging. Produces an abundance of waterlily-shaped flowers all summer long, you will be so happy with this dahlia.

Flower Type: Waterlily

Plant Height: 4’

Bloom Size: 4”

Siting Requirements: Full Sun, well drained, rich soil, dahlias like plenty of water for best performance.

Days To Maturity: 80-100 days

Spacing 12-18”

Planting depth: 4-6”

Pinch: when about 12” tall

Harvest: when flowers are about 3/4 of the way open, cut stems about 18” long above a leaf node. Immediately place in a vase or bucket of cool water with flower food.

*These tubers are sold as a pre-sale, tubers purchased now will ship in spring after danger of freezing while in transit, shipping generally begins in April. Due to the nature of live product, there is a chance that items will not be available at time of shipping due to crop storage failure or something else out of our control. If the tuber is unavailable, we will process a refund on your order.

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