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6-Pack Reusable Garden Cloches
6-Pack Reusable Garden Cloches

6-Pack Reusable Garden Cloches


Made from durable food-safe plastic, GrowAway™ covers to create a safe, mini greenhouse environment that protects seeds and young plants from hungry animals, pests, frost, and the wind.

The covers will allow you to start plants outdoors earlier in the season. The openings on the top allow for air and water exchange.

The GrowAway™ covers are reusable and will last for many growing seasons. 

• Product Dimensions: 10.24"Diam. x 7.48"H

• Material: Reusable PVC Plastic

• Sold in a set of 6 and available in two different sizes.

Directions: Simply pack soil around the edges to weigh down the covers or for extra security, insert metal stakes into side holes to pin the covers down.

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