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Camassia Esculenta 'Quamash' Wild Hyacinth
Camassia Esculenta 'Quamash' Wild Hyacinth

Camassia Esculenta 'Quamash' Wild Hyacinth


This stunning Hyacinth will return year after year with its pleasant aroma. Camassia Esculenta 'Quamash' Wild Hyacinth features striking deep blue blooms that are six-petaled and starry.  Attracting pollinators, it is the perfect addition to any perennial garden, they also work well in arrangements.

Camassia Esculenta is a beautiful blue Wild Hyacinth and grows best in well-drained soil high in humus. They have beautiful star shaped blossoms and are resistant to deer and rodents. Native in Western America and naturalizes well in gardens.


20 Bulbs - Size 6+ cm


26 inches


0-1 inches

Hardiness Zone




Bloom Time

Late Spring


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