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Anemone Carmel White
Anemone Carmel White

Anemone Carmel White


Anemones are a beautiful spring flower that are easy to grow as long as you get the timing right and know a few tips and tricks. Don't worry, we will include a guide on growing anemones so you can grow these beautiful flowers and fill your vases with their blooms!

Carmel anemones produce larger flowers than other varieties of anemones and they flower on long strong stems. Carmel white is a gorgeous flower with white petals and a deep inky black center, it is a classic beauty that looks beautiful in arrangements. 

Our anemone corms are size 5-6 cm which produce large and vigorous plants with large flowers and multiple stems. Size 5-6cm corms produce an average of 8-12 blooms per bulb blooming about 11 weeks after sprouting.

Height: 18"

Anemones hibernate in the warm summer months, therefore they grow best during the cooler months of the year. 

20 corms 

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