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Allium Tall 'Nectaroscordum' Bulgaricum
Allium Tall 'Nectaroscordum' Bulgaricum

Allium Tall 'Nectaroscordum' Bulgaricum


Add unique dimension to your flowerbeds with Allium Tall 'Nectaroscordum' Bulgaricum. Boasting a spray of bells 2-3 inches wide, with 18 inch stems, these more informal alliums will give your garden beauty and structure, and are also beautiful cut flowers that combine well with other colors and add interest to bouquets.

Allium bulbs are splendid for naturalizing if planted in rich, well drained soil
Scent keeps deer, rodents & rabbits at a distance.
Beloved by bees, butterflies & pollinators

- Alliums offer a wide array of flower sizes, shapes and colors


10 bulbs - Size 10+ cm


36 inches


2-4 inches


6-8 inches

Hardiness Zone




Bloom Time

Late Spring - Early Summer


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